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Dear Dorit,                   

It he's been 4 months since we have entered our home that you found for us, and we couldn't be happier! 

After taking us to few houses in different areas you have quickly studied our needs and were very alert to the things that made us happy and put the smiles on our faces. In your own unique and wonderful way you have found this house for us. After we were turned down in several bids for home you FISHED this home for us off the market, and you knew that this will be our home long before we had recognized the potential of it to become something we would love so much.

It wasn't a love at first sight. The house was in a very bad shape and was not at all what we dreamed for. But…! You saw the potential of it immediately and you insisted we give it another look and investigation. You held our hand from start to finish!

With your professional design & remodeling team you proved that it was indeed a great opportunity for us. You made everything possible with knowing who to refer us to in any need and question. You didn't let go of our hands until the house was fully renovated to our satisfaction. It is truly an amazing house in a very sweet neighborhood with an excellent school district.

We live 5 minuets away from the school that our kids enjoy so much. Our neighbors are wonderful, and We love having our friends over as much as they love being here, in our spacious home and big farm like back yard.

We really couldn't ask for more!

Thank you Dorit for your big heart and for wanting only the best for us!

With great love and appropriation,

Eitan, Ella, Gil & Vered





Dorit is a phenomenal realtor!  Dorit is honest, reliable, attentive, listens to your needs/wants and makes it happen. 

I am very proud of Dorit, as she was able to set the market with the sell of my condo.


Dorit, you are a phenomenal realtor!


Thank you for all your hard work!


Lina Cao








Dear Dorit, 
I'd like to take the time to thank you for all your hard work and efforts. Your professional tenacity has made this process painless for me and I'm extremely grateful. I couldn't been happier with your performance and am convinced that all your future clientele will agree. Once again, thank you for all your considerations and I wish you the best of luck in all future endeavors. 

Elizabeth Feinberg

1409 Kitimat Place, Sunnyvale 94087


March 25, 2010

Ophir Rachman, Sunnyvale CA

 “I started to look for a new home late last year (2009). I met Dorit who offered her services and while skeptical (as a nature and about everything), we started to work together. Working with Dorit was a pleasure; She has all the necessary professional experience and knowledge regarding process and details. She took us through the process and was very attentive to our needs and sometimes unclear and changing directions. On the personal level, we always felt her honesty and never ever felt she has any other agenda than to make us happy with the house we buy. It has been several months since we bought a great house in Sunnyvale and we still feel she is there to help. She knows everybody and anybody and, as her favorite statement, she can 'make it happen'. Be it emptying the old house, getting someone to paint the walls the next day, getting someone to help with furniture, and all in her 'make it happen' way that translates to efficient, quality and value with pure value. The bottom line, and perhaps says it all, we became not only friends on the personal level, but also on the family level and we will all be together in Mexico next month. Can you say the same about your agent? Fully recommending Dorit, The whole Rachman Family”


October 13, 2009

Gabby Rubin, Sunnyvale CA

“Dorit is definitely someone you would want on your side. She is very knowledgeable and up to date in what she does and works very hard for her clients. Dorit is smart, easy to work with and continuously exceeds expectations. She can identify good opportunities and plan strategies whether you are looking for a new home or investment opportunities.”



December 4, 2007


Andrew Brenner, Sunnyvale CA

“Dorit was our agent and did a great job finding us the house we bought at $50k+ *under* market value. She also sold our townhouse in 1 weekend after doing lots of work to clean and stage it. Highly recommend her!”


October 13, 2009 

Sigal Barnea, Sunnyvale CA

Dorit helped us buy our first house and as first buyers we were skeptical, a bit scared and lacking the knowledge. She filled all those gaps for us. She brought so many things to the table: willingness to go way and beyond, encouragements when we mostly needed it, educating us every step of the way and explaining in "our own language" and not necessarily in realtors language. She brought excellent negotiating skills to the table, thus lowering the price for us even when the market was high. But most of all I remember her bringing 2 major things: Good attitude and a flashlight. Flashlight since we were mostly available after-work, at night and YES! she showed us some properties carrying a flashlight...That's the realtor and person she is - nothing can stop her in making her clients achieve their dreams. So, I know that there are so many real-estate agents out there, and yes, some of them are very good - BUT not as good as Dorit. And if you are buying your first house and you are not so sure or confident you need Dorit to be THAT agent for you.


April 2008

Golan Family, San Jose  CA 

We are writing to you today to share a very positive experience we just had with our realtor, Dorit Alon of Intero Real Estate, Cupertino.

Dorit Alon’s expertise and attention to our wants and needs made the process easy and enjoyable and successful. Dorit recommended us to check out the Cambrian area as an option and mapped the recommended pockets in within the neighborhood. Her attention to every detail provided us with peace and security. Her diligence, action oriented recommendations and negotiation skills helped us buy our home on Carm Ave that we love very much and happy with. Dorit guided us to this neighborhood convincing us that the demographics and the schools will suit our family needs.  Dorit knew that education; safety and good people were the most important for planning the purchase of our home.  



October 28, 2009

Sagi Solomon, Santa Clara CA

"Dorit is a fantastic agent who works hard for her clients and cares about making sure that her clients are happy. Dorit worked with me for a long time to find exactly the right house to fitmy budget. I would definitely hire Dorit again.”